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Skylight / ACP / Polycarbonate / Zinc / Matel Teck

Polycarbonates are characterized by an excellent combination of toughness, transparency, heat and flame resistance and dimensional stability. It is high performance plastic sheets which directly competitive product on the market today. Combining strength, impact resistance over 200 times equivalent thickness of glass and very high transmission. PC also is approved for food contact application.
Soon Lee Metal Works is a leading global plastic specialist with world class manufacturing capabilities offering a high quality of polycarbonate sheets like PC Corrugated, PC Emboss, PC Solid, PC Hollow, PC Liner, Industry roofing and now PC roofing have been designed for commercial markets.
PC Roofing is the perfect choice for application requiring material can be used internally & externally. It is tough stable in low or extreme temperatures, excellent impact resistance fire rating and relatively simple to work with light weight and this product also provides longer span than PVC of fiberglass.

Features & Benefit
  • Light weight
  • Flexible, fomable, machinable
  • Easy handling
  • Heat insulation
  • Weather resistance (UV shield)
  • High impact & break resistance
  • Fire-retardant
  • Wide service temperature rangecolourful selection
  • Cost & energy saving
  • recyclable
  • Corrosion resistance to most chemicals
  • Highly flexible
  • Self-extinguishing

Typical Applications
  • Skylight 
  • ACP 
  • Polycarbonate 
  • Zinc 
  • Matel Teck

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